I want to buy this amp but have a couple of concerns.I currently have a stock Dynaco ST-70 and Paradigm studio80s with 92DB.I get all the volumn I want.Will I get at least as much volumn with the pass?I really would like a bit more actually.Next BIG concern.I get a low level hiss through my preamp phono section at 12 oclock which most likely tube rush.Is this because I have to push my low powered amt too hard?will the Pass eliminate this.Ive heard it plays louder than 30wpc says it should.
the tube rush is usually due to incorrect impedence matching between the cartridge & the phono stage, or, if the impedence matches, the cartridge may need a step up transformer between it & the phono stage. the power amp cannot help with this.
I have a grado Platinum 4.5mv phono set at 47k
Dave; if you really want your amp/speakers to produce more volume than what your system does now why would you even consider a LESS powerful amp? For the same money, go for an Aragon 8008 or 4004, McCormack DNA-1 or .5, or equivalent powered amps by Bryston, Muse, Classe etc. I personally recommend the McCormacks. Yeah, I know the Pass 3 is Stereophile Class A and very tempting, but if volume is what you really want, you're likely to be disappointed by a 30 wpc amp.
I have an Aleph 3 powering Dunlavy SCIVs 91db. Yeah your not going to know down the walls with an Aleph 3. You can expect volumes to about 90db in a medium large room, at least that is what I get in my room. The amps Garfish mentioned however are not going to sound like the Pass Amps. The sound in every regard is far ahead of the amps that he metioned, good luck
I have the Aleph 5. The same fantastic sound as the 3 but with more power.