Pass Labs Adelph 5 good match with Audiolab 8000Q?

My current setup is a Audiolab 8000Q + 2x Audiolab 8000P driving a Rogers LS3/5A (11 ohm). I was told that the Pass Labs Adelph 5 gives the most tube-like sound for a solid state amp. However the sensitivity of the Rogers is 82.5dB/m. Can this Pass Labs drive it well as compared with Audiolab? Also, is the 8000Q a good match for the Pass Labs??

Appreciate all advice! Thanks!
In general I'd say go for more power. It really depends upon your room size and expectations from the speakers, the kind of music you listen to and at what volume. I owned an Aleph 5 several years ago. I'd agree that it does have a softer, warmer, more tubey sound than most SS. I did find that I did not feel as if I were listening to a 50W SS amp in more ways than just did not seem to put out much muscle an had a difficult time, even with 89 and 96 db speakers (at 8 ohms), in filling up a larger room with sound. In a smaller room it was great, though you can fry an egg on one when it is warmed up and your electric bill is sure to go up if you choose to leave it on 24/7 as is optimal. Never heard an Audiolab so cannot compare. I do like the Aleph 5, but to me it performed like what I might expect from a 20W amp rather than a 50W amp. I've read many folks say that the Aleph 3/30 is a better bet, but you'll have to search the archives for more input there.

Yes. For now I'm using it in a small bedroom. I really like the Audiolab setup and now I'm considering to take the plunge into tubes because many have advised that these go best with the LS3/5A.

Would you consider the Adelph is neutral? Most says that it has a tubelike warm mids and speed and bass like a SS. Thanks!