Pass Labs 350, Bryston 14ST, Classe 350M

I am in the market for a new or used amp to power my Genesis 200 speakers. Anyone familiar with the above amps or any suggestions? Thanks!
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If I were you I would seriously consider McIntosh MC-352. I used to scoff at Mcintosh gear until I heard this amp for the first time. It's very dynamic with excellent extension control and "slam" in the bass, richly textured mids and excellent resolution. It's now in my system and I couldn't be happier.
I will say nothing about the other amps that you mention but I will speak about the X 350. I have had several customers purchase X amps from me and then sell them to get something else as we in Audioland have a tendency to bounce back and forth. The interesting thing is how many of the previous Pass owners have gone back. Everytime I sell my X 600 demo's off the floor I wait with bated breath to get my next pair. Realize I carry some extraordinary amps; the Nemo's, Joule Electra mono blocks (awesome amps), Red Rose mono blocks (very seductive), and Aronov mono blocks. I also have the Alchemist and the Bel Canto's bridged. The Pass just have a presence about them that seeps into your being. Are any of the amps mentioned above better? They are all very good and that is where personal flavor and preference comes to play. Realize the three amps that you are considering are very different from each other.
I have to agree on the Pass X-350/600, one of the smoothest tubey "fat" amp out there ..

I would also recommend the levinson 336 in that class, as well as the Halcros if you can swing the end, your Genesis 200 speakers and you will dictate what is best...