Pass labs 350.5 vs Spectral DMA 360 series 2

Hello everyone .... I have the opportunity to buy two mono amps Spectral DMA 360 series 2 with a good price that would replace my stereo amplifier Pass 350.5 ....... the rest of the system consists of source Linn Sondek Lp 12 / Ekos / Arkiv B and pre Phono Linn Linto, Cd player Linn Ikemi, premplifier Spectral DMC 30 SL (G1) with signal cables Kimber Kimber Ks 1136 xlr and Kimber KS 3038 as speakers cables connected to JM Lab Utopia speakers "Utopia" (the first version of 1999 with tioxid tweeter). Opinions on ........... my doubt is to lose the beautiful mid-range and tonal balance at present perfect with the X350.5 Pass .... when something changes ..this may lose something else ..