pass labs 350.5 vs bryston 7 bsst to drive b&w 802

which would serve me better driving 802s loud and clear with great bass
Recently, I switched my preamp/amp combo driving B&W 800 speakers from Pass X-1/X-600 to Bryston BP-25/7B-SST and have been blown away how much better the Bryston stuff works with the B&W's over the much more expensive Pass equipment. I've always been a fan of Nelson's designs, so it was really surprising that the Bryston was that much better. Plus, Bryston offers a 20 year warranty which helps resale value. I am currently waiting to try out their new CD player that has gotten rave reviews.
Not really sure about this but as far as I know the 14B-SST is actually better then 2 7B-SST. What I heard is that Bryston introduced the 14B after the the 7B and that they made some improvements which resulted in the 14B-SST being at least as good and mybe better then 2 &b-SST but this is from hear say.
The bryston gear so extremely expensive that I never bothered listening to them.

14B-SST €7.599,00 = $11.800. I bet in the states the 14B-SST is cheaper. The price I mentioned is including VAT.
But then agian I pay €5.70 for a gallon petrol. That is $8.70.
hard to believe that 14 bsst could actually perform better than 7bsst mono,s.I would think the mono,s would run much cooler. THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT
Bd223, you're right, the 7B-SST's run cooler than the 14B-SST.... I think Mordante is confusing the previous 14B-*ST* as being better than the previous 7B-*ST* monos... the 14B-ST was the first of the amps that used the technology used in the current SST series amps; the technology was subsequently transferred to the entire line-up and rebranded SST (Super Stuart Taylor).

As for the pass vs. bryston question, this is a function of system synergy and the user's listening preferences. I've never had B&W so can't say. Try to audition both and to see which one you prefer. They're both good products backed by great people.
I keep reading on the B&W forum that Bryston amps are just OK, or harsh and shrill. The funny thing is that a few years a go the Brystons were recommended on the same forum. You just cannot trust forums. I have 7b ST's that I used with N801's and now use with Signature 800's. They sound fantastic and I really have no need to change them out.

I stumbled across a pair or Classe CAM350's and bought them to try out and compare. I will sell either the Brystons or the Classe's after I am done. I am not expecting any real improvement but we shall see.