Pass Labs 350.5 or Parasound Halco JC1 Monoblocks

Has anyone had the chance to compare the two?
I would go with the monoblocks with the shortest speaker cables I can find. Get them used. They drop in value. Pass is great. Had an x350.5 but I sold and bought it for 5400 three years ago. I haven't seen one under 7500 for a long time.
I have and ended up buying the JC1's. Both are very very good.

To describe the differences are tough but to my ear I found the Pass a little more "liquid" and the JC1's more detailed and dynamic. The difference's were not huge, especially with the JC1's in high bias mode.

Mono's worked better for my particular room and I would not be disappointed with either.

You really can't go wrong with either.

FYI mine are used with Aerial 10T's which love lots of power.
Sorry for the late response.

Thanks for your valued comments.