Pass Labs 30.5 Amp owners help

I'm attempting to use banana speaker connectors with my 30.5 amp. The terminal lugs seemed to be capped rendering the ability to use banana plugs not possible. Are these caps removeable and if so, how does one remove the caps. It seems odd that a manufacturer would use speaker terminals that do not allow use of banana plugs. Anyone with an answer to my dilemma, please tell.
I own an XA 30.5 and there is nothing blocking my speaker binding posts. Banana terminations slide in and out easily and make good contact. You might want to contact pass and ask them about this if you don't receive any additional information. Personally I'm puzzled by your post.
The terminals are capped to prevent using banana type connectors for safety reasons (read somewhere, I think in the owner's manual).
Read this:
Interesting, I didn't know that!
You can pull them out, no problem. That is what I did.
When I first go my Pass amp, I only had banana plug ends on my speaker cables so I improvised. The banana plugs will fit into the space you would normally place the bare speaker wires. Just make sure that you unscrew it enough to give yourself enough room.
This is from the XA30.5 Owners Manual;
"... The output binding posts will accept either bare wire or spades. (Regulatory agencies in many countries have banned binding posts that will accept a banana plug, forcing us to abandon this option.) ..."

However, the XA30.5's speaker binding posts look like they are the same as the posts for the 12V trigger on the XA60.5 and the XA100.5. If that is the case, then the cap covering the end of the post is secured by a little gold pin that is driven into the opposite end of the cap (closest to the amp). To see it, back out the post nut all the way on the post screw. Just drive out the pin with a small punch (or small drill bit) and the cap will come off the end of the post. I did this on both my XA60.5s and my XA100.5s.
Dmatt200, your 2-year-old post just saved me a lot of trouble. Thank you!
Dmatt200, your now 3-year-old post just saved me a lot of trouble. Thank you!
Wow. Thanks guys.

I have learned so much from the experts and enthusiasts on this site. I am glad I could give a little back.