Pass Labs 250.8/250.5 or mark levinson 532h

Would like to hear opinions on which amp to go with for a 2 ch music listening. I just sold ATI AT6003 Signature which I found to be too bright and forward in my set up with Marantz 7702 MKii pre pro and Revel Performa 3 F208 speakers in a moderately treated 3000Cu/ft room. I have been easily ear fatiqued with ATI amp. I now have Anthem P5 for home theater set up which find to be pleasant sounding. Wanted to step up a notch and get dedicated 2 channel amp for music. So entertaining 2 choices at the moment Pass Labs 250.5 or .8 since they work in class A up to first 15 watts and heard great things about those amps. Or mark levinson 532h which got good feedback from member whitecamaross. Any suggestions preferably based on personal experience. Thank you.
I am using a 250.8 with Revel Studio 2's. Superb results. 

Im also using a Pass pre (XP20) and a Pass phono stage (XP15) as well. Pass amps thrive on being fed a balanced input. I initially tried an unbalanced line out of curiosity- the balanced connection is substantially superior and is the way I would recommend a Pass amp
The Pass X250.8 is a worthy upgrade over the excellent 250.5
What speakers are you using?
Personally, I think the Revels are power hogs.  15 watts will disappear quickly. I love Pass Labs but not in this combination.  Consider a pure class A amp or even a tube amp.
Prior to using Pass with Revels, I did run the Revels on tubes. I don't miss the tubes at all. And as for power, the 250 series amps put out 250 watts at 8 ohms. More than enough power for any Revels 
Regarding power amps and the whole tubes vs solid-state debate;
If you enjoy both the electric and bass guitar(s) then you will want a solid state power amp.  Pass Labs is the very best at this juncture.
Thank you all that participated.  I got Pass Labs 250.8 and I am impressed by the sound!!! It is a keeper.