Pass lab X350 and X250

Does anyone know how much a Pass lab X250 in 8/10 condition and a X350 in 8/10 condition will go for? I own them both and have strongly been thinking of selling them.
I believe $2300 and $3100 respectively.
I owned many different Pass Labs amps and tested many. To be honnest the older serie I did not find good enough. The 0.5 series is superior in every single part. You would be a fool not to go for the 0.5 series.
So what is the answer to the OP guestion BO?
The guy was simply looking for information about the value of what he has, not a recommendation for something else. But I'm sure he'll find your trashing the amps he's trying to sell very helpful!
Sorry my misstake, 2000-2500, 2700-3200. For these prices it is still a nice amp. Prices for 0.5 are stil a lot higher. My apologizes for the wrong interpretation.
It also depends about the year of production.