Pass Lab X250 or Parasound Halo A21

Looking for a 2ch amplifier, would like to know what is a better buy: a used Pass Lab X250 (with 1 year guarantee) or a new Parasound Halo 21. They are both 250w x2, and they cost pretty much the same. Are they really comparable? I have no chance to listen to any of them as I live in a remote location, so your input would be highly appreciated.
I am currently using a Pio SC07 a PIO SACD PDD9 and Paradigm S100v4.
Thanks for you help.
Try to get a Pass Labs X250.5. Much better sounding than the older X250.
As a former user of the Halo A21 I can say many good words about this mighty amp - soundwise, reliability, aesthetics, driving ability etc. But Pass X-250 should be on another level... It's just mather of class, which undoubtedly goes much higher on Pass Labs account.
Love my Pass X-250 driving Martin Logans! Awesome Amp!
I'd love to get the X250.5! I read it is amazing but unfortunately is more than double the price of the 250.
I had an X250 for a bit and it wasn't my cup of tea, was a bit mechanical. Haven't heard the A21 but I have JC1's which I like a lot.

I agree with Ozzy if you are going to get a Pass get the .5.
I have the Pass X250 and do not find it mechanical at all. Sounds fluid to me. If I were you, I'd find a better way to make your selection, since you're spending quite a bit of money, and my opinion, like everyone elses, doesn't amount to anything, except what WE like. You'll have to find out what YOU like on your own. I can't make a comparison of the Pass and Parasound, since I haven't heard the latter, so I won't say to use either. Only you can make that comparison, with the system you have, in the room you use, to make your final choice. Best of luck.
Thanks for the quick feedback so far, I hoped it would be easier but it is interesting to learn that after all, when you count with a certain budget it is all about taste, and perception, and we are all different.
Just want to make sure that I am not comparing an AUDI S6 (2006) with a Passat brand new.
Thanks again. I will continue reading for the time being.