pass lab x-350 vs krell ksa 300s?

anyone who has direct comparison between those two amp?
i have difficult speaker to drive,apogee caliper sign.
thank you
The Pass Labs X-350 is a better sounding amp than the Krell KSA 300. As you can see I am a Krell owner so I am not out to just bash Krell. A Krell FPB 300 would be a better match to the X-350. The KSA series is older and I don't think as good as the newer FPB series.

Either of these amps will drive a pair of Apogee Calipers, the X-350, KSA 300 or the FPB 300! They will drive virtually any load presented to them without any trouble.
As per Nrchy. Plus, if classical music, more likely Pass. If not, Krell, definitely.
Tabu - good answers. You know me. I have used quite a few amps, including Krell, and Pass.... On Apogees of course.

Don't shy away from going used with Pass to save thousands. Pass amps have great track records.

I would think a 250 could handle a Caliper. I used 150 for over a year on Duettas. When I got the 600, I found I was missing some high bass. Still, a 250 probably would have revealed the bass shyness too.
thank you muralman for your inputs,and thank you all
Hi, Pass amplifiers are great,BUT the latest Krell 300 CX is also excellent! Kdwatt
Ive not heard the pass but many who will tell you to go with this one over the Krell will not have heard the 300s or be refering to it. It is different than the 200 or the 250 or all the fbps. So take any advice with a grain of salt or have the giver specify.