Pass INT-150 or Bryston b135 sst^2?

They would be for SHL5+ speakers.  Any opinions?  Thank you.
 I would look very close at the LFD LE V: $4495.  It's supposed to made very well with Harbeths.
Dr. Richard Bews, proprietor of England's

Me choose Pass,
been using INT-150 with harbeth C7 and M30. But no shl5
great synergy,would get the best voice and control bass.

+1 for the Pass
Congratulations on the Harbeth SHL5 Plus speakers. They are very natural sounding speakers and will sound great with almost all genres of music. I haven’t listened to the Pass Int-150 or Bryston B135-SST2. Some of the natural partners or good amp combination for the Harbeth are the LFD, Croft, Sonneteer and Naim amps. Mostly British. Having said that, the SHL5+ will sound equally great with any amplifier, spectacular with select amplifiers depending on your room, listening preference and partnering equipment.

or tube amp:) it might be suprise how good it sounds with tube gear