Pass First Watt J2 vs F3

Anyone been able to compare these amps ? I have read the 6moons review. Just looking for more input.

I have heard the F3 many times and really like the sound. I am hoping the additional 10 watts power of the J2 will be noticeable, and an improvement.
I have not heard the F3, but the J2 has the finest rendering of inner detail, micro dynamic finesse of any amplifier I've ever heard.

The Atma-sphere S-30 has a smoother top end and is faster. They're comparable quality amplifiers and neither will be absolutely better than the other.
J2 I haven't heard but I have heard most of the other FirstWatt models (and the S-30 which I also really love). Of the FirstWatts my faves were the F2J and F3. I'd recommend getting on the phone with a FirstWatt dealer. Both Mark at Reno HiFi and Jon Ver Halen at Lowther USA in Chicago are great to talk to and can give a lot of guidance. Reno HiFi has an excellent return policy as well.

Whether the extra watts alone will be an improvement will depend on your speaker. How sensitive are they? What kind of volume do you listen at? In what size room?
Unfortunately i've only heard the F3 in the First Watt lineup. Great amp imo.
I am running Audio Note E spkrs which are about 96db sens.
--- in a 14x15x10h room and i do like to crank em loud occasionally.
What i'd like to have is a F3 that puts out about 50 watts ..... :>) .... that would give more spkr choices -- can't have it all i guess.
i heard both in my system and they are both excellent. i choose the J2 for two reasons:

1. More dynamic range in my system, the extra power.
2. The F3 has very low imput impedence and was a poor match with my Hovland pre.

awesome amps
Jeff's 2nd point is very important, those J and J2s really are easy loads for tube preamps, which is a must for me if I'm using a SS amp.

Another vote for Atma-sphere amps (own M60s), my favorite amps ever with appropriate speakers. That being said, the Pass Aleph 2, 3, XA30.5, and Aleph Js are all wonderful SS amps, and I assume the others I have not owned.
I heard a Pass XA30.5 driving a pair of JBL Everest speakers a couple of years ago. It was stunning. Too bad the Everest is around $50-60K.
I have owned both, liked both, and still have the J2. The funny thing is that I don't find them all that similar. The J2 is much more energetic, more detailed, more like the AJ with a slightly cleaner sound. To my ear, the F3 is ridiculously good--if your speakers are sufficiently sensitive. The J2 obviously brings more speakers into play, but it still needs 8 ohms. I hope that helps.
Jumping in 4.5 years later. Have J6 and Zu Soul Superfly on the way. Excited to pair it up with the VAC Ren preamp. Expecting some magic to happen . . .