PASS - comparison X 350 to XA 60.5


does anyone have experience with the amps mentioned above ?

I need a sound-comparison. Are the 60.5 MUCH better than the X 350 ?

Thank you.

(sorry for bad english - german origin.....)
Hello Dieselpark, I dont exactly have the same comparison: I used to own the XA160 and listened extensively to the X250. These pass amps are all very good, very smooth sounding and engaging. I would say the XA series gives you a bit blacker background and an "organic" sound. For me, I preferred the XA series. Keep in mind that these get very hot! I dont you think you could go wrong wit either but if you budget, system, and ears support it, go for the XA.

BTW, you english is way better than my German!
The X350.5 and XA60.5 in my opinion sound different, not better/worse. The X350.5 I believe is much better than the X350
The two amps cost the same, so system/room/personal preference is what will decide. What some find smooth others find veiled.
Wait for the new Pass .8's.
The XA series amps tend to flush out more midrange magic, detail, layering and texture. To the point of being incredibly organic. The X series have lower and more authoritative bottom end, but you would only know it from doing an immediate back to back comparison. Same with the highs, they are more extended.

Now your question is a good one in that the X350.5 runs in pure class A to 40 watts, so it should be close. I have owned both amps at different times, so honestly I can't even say which one I prefer. Maybe if forced, I have to say the textures of the XA series are more preferable. If you have speakers that need 350 watts, get that. If not, get the XA60s. Not to mention the 350 is 150 pounds and a killer to move around. The XA60s are about 65 pounds each, very easy.
Wait for the new Pass .8's

I agree. The .5 amps are a bit long in the tooth. I can't wait to see (and hopefully hear) the .8 amps at CES!
The X350.5 has been out about 8/9 years, but a 2013 version is quite different than a 2005, so check for exact age. There have been many minor changes and a major change about 4 years ago.

I do not think there are any changes in the amps at all over the years. If there are, can you confirm what they were? I am quite certain there are not any.
So, it would be better to buy new, true?
In my opinion, newer would be better, but also much more expensive...
Ok, cool. And yes of course, but you get what you pay for.
There is zero difference between a new pass amp and an old one. Identical, Any change results in a new model. These posts are misleading.
There is no difference between a pass amp built yesterday or 9 years ago. When a change is made the model changes. If the model has not changed then nothing else has either since the original design.
My comments are based on a conversation with Pass Labs two years ago. I had called to ask about the changes on the rear panel between earlier and later versions of the X250.5 The RCA and XLR connectors are located differently on later models.
I also noticed that the location of the speaker connectors and fuses had changed, and they used a different rear power switch.
These changes without changing model number are not really that uncommon. I had an ARC LS15 preamp and noticed that a friends LS15 had a detachable power cord and different capacitors. I called ARC who confirmed this, and was able to have them upgrade mine. I have also owned two major audiophile brand speakers where the designer/owner confirmed changes made without changing model number and offered upgrades.
Pass Labs did indeed make a change, adding the "signal ground pin".
I believe it's on all later X.5 & XA.5 amps.
I think this is for grounding subs like the RELs.
Ask your local Pass dealer, or just contact Mark at Reno HiFi.
He'll answer any question on Pass.