Pass, Bryston or Accuphase for Magnepans?

Has anyone had the opportunity to hear the X250/260,8, 7B3 and A-75
on Magnepans (3.7) I’m also interested in the D’Agostino Progression integrated. How do they compare?
I can't really help but Magnepan does demo with big Brystons unless that has changed. As far as the D'Agostino is concerned, 200 watts per channel would be enough for me but you may want or need more. 
"...Bryston or Sanders..."

I support this message. 
Accuphase it just sounds better.
Accuphase may not sound better than D'Agostino Progression.
I would lean toward Bryston.  
Thanks. Those of you who have heard the Pass amps. Some say that, especially the class-A amps, have a somewhat rounded bass (and highs).
Any truth to this?

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I tried the Bryston 4B3 with my 3.7i's.  It was not particularly good.  I had a Pass XA-25.  It was not able to adequately drive the Maggies and did not sound good with them. I acquired a Gryphon Diablo 120 which did an excellent job.  But, my AGD Audions do the best of any of these by a considerable margin.   I would expect that a Pass 250.8 would do a great job, but I have not heard it. You will probably need to audition for yourself. 
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”I tried the Bryston 4B3 with my 3.7i's. It was not particularly good.”
What was it you didn’t like about the Bryston?
A friend of mine tried both the Diablo 300 and Progression int and preferred the Dag.
Why not ask the speaker manufacturer? I bet they demo them with certain amplifiers when they are designed and voiced. 
Currently using the Pass 250.8 with 3.7i it has a great sound and plenty of power, slam and dynamics. I think this combo won TAS best at show a few years ago.
I did plenty of research and didn't find anything but positive for the Pass and Maggie combo.
"What was it you didn’t like about the Bryston?
A friend of mine tried both the Diablo 300 and Progression int and preferred the Dag."

Swede58, while it has been some time since I made the comparison of the Bryston 4B3 and Gryphon Diablo 120, the Gryphon was much more realistic sounding.  The soundstage was wider and deeper.  The Bryston was just less involving and boring to listen to.  I will say that had I not had the Gryphon to compare it to, I would have thought that the Bryston was good, but not great as the Gryphon was.  As to the Dag being preferable over the Diablo 300, I cannot comment from personal experience as I have not heard the DAG.  But, I would guess it to be excellent by reputation.  I also have heard some say that the Diablo 120 better the 300 depending on the system.