Pass - Auralic - TAD System - Thoughts / Changes ?

Kinda New to this stuff. Thoughts or Changes? Put together this system over the course of few months mostly by reading online, never been to a show or any really solid hifi stores. My next thing I'm doing is installing 2 dedicated power lines to my room - Which is a sucky room deminsion by the way - 12x12, hints the bookshelf speakers. 

Pass x350.8
xp22 Pre amp
TAD ME1 Stand Mount Speakers
Auralic G2 Streamer / DAC / Clock - Ares / Vega / Leo

nordost blue heaven speaker cabers $500
wireworld interconnect eclipse something or other $300
Wireworld power chord $100
some isotek power strip $500
a few still points  aperture panels

I have the TAD ME1 speakers and love them. I’m guessing the Pass Labs gear sounds great and has good synergy. These speakers seem to like SS better than tubes so far.

Since this a cable forum may I suggest you try the Cerious Technologies Cables. I use the Graphene Matrix IC’s, PC’s and SC’s and in my system they have blown away everything else I’ve tried. If budget is a concern then the CT Graphene Extreme speaker cables are incredible for the price.
How do you like the sound you have now?  Do voices sound natural?   What changes would you like to hear?  More bass?  Smoother sound?
Lance - cool Ive never heard of cerious. They seem reasonable priced. I look at the price of some of these cables and think holy cow who buys this stuff. 

Yea the TAD’s are good. Do you toe them in? How far apart and from the wall do you put yours?

I got the titanium color, they are pretty. 

Umm ... yea the pass stuff  I like it. Never heard tube gear but I did hear the pass int 60 and it sounded more jazz/laid back and It was good. This amp is more forward / rock and roll and I like that because I can listen to whatever not just hardcore audiophile stuff and it sounds still sounds good. It seems to lack some of that class a holographic romance but it has more authority and slam and pace and rythem. 

Im wondering if I’m really missing out by not having hardcore pc ic sc cables. Something tells me that all these guys wouldn’t be in business if they weren’t making stuff better. 

I don’t toe in the ME-1’s at all. They can be very bright with those beryllium tweeters pointed at you. They’re in my living room at the moment so one speaker is close to the wall and the other far. A terrible room for sound but temporary until my listening room is finished.

I heard the ME1 speakers at CAF and the room was set up well, speakers probably 4’ off the front wall and 3’ off of the side walls. This room sounded incredible and I bought his demo speakers at the end of the show. Room setup does matter.

There are a couple of threads on the Cerious cables here. They are very good. I suggest checking those out. He has a decent return policy as well.
@lancelock I've noticed I like them off the back a few feet or so, and have played around toeing them in and then back.... im kinda a noob at this so haven't detected bright vs non bright.  Your advice on not toeing them in wouldn't change for a small 12x12 room would it.

Also sometimes I kinda wonder if I am sitting too close to these suckers like maybe they are not designed for near field. 

I have notices the electronics sound way way better after like 11 o clock at night. idk its like it goes into a whole different level. Trying to do the dedicated line thing first and then thinking a ps audio p20 power regenerator. My dealer will sell one at half price. 

In that size room definitely don’t toe them in. Try a 7’ equilateral triangle. You will only be able to get them a couple of feet off of the front wall.

I also have better power late at night and it makes a difference in sound quality but not so much now that I have a PS Audio P15. I’m getting excellent results.