Pass and electronic music

I'm considering my next system and maybe going with class A amplification with high sensitivity speakers. I've never owned anything from Pass Labs and would like to try the INT25 with possibly the Klipsch Heresy IVs. I mostly listen to electronic music with a smattering of everything else (pop, country, American standards...) So how are Pass components with electronic music? Thanks!


I had a XA25 with a XP12 preamp. I was running them through Klipsch Cornwall IV’s. I thought it was the perfect combo for most music. But when I wanted loud, as I imagine you will want with electronic music, I would opt for more power. I have replaced the XA25 with X260.8 mono’s. Maybe not as delicate but for fast and authoritative bass, the monos are much better. In my opinion, your choice is a good one, just maybe not the best for electronic music. But Pass and Klipsch are wonderful together. 

I have a Veloce preamp ( battery powered/tubes) that I have owned for 10 years and enjoy every day.  It takes app 6 mins to warm up the tubes and sound great.  The Gold Note is on 24/7, but like most european amplifier designs of late, they automatically go into a "sleep mode" after so many minutes of no music where they stay warmed up and ready to go, but only draw 8 watts.  Crazy energy-efficient for solid state


For electronic music I would think class A Krell before Pass. But then again, one of the best experience I had was with Mono Class A Accuphase paired with SE PMCs… Everything is possible with good pairing.