Pass amps with Audible illisions mod3

Does anyone have any experience using an AI preamp with any of the pass aleph amps? X series amps. Would this be a good match. thanks
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I remember that Pass has a low input impedance, while AIM3 output on the high side. Not an ideal situation, but need careful matching of interconnect and actual audition.
I am currently using the AI Mod 3A with the Pass Labs Aleph 2 monos, and Aerial 10t loudspeakers. My system sounds sweet and detailed, with excellent imaging - space and specificity. Sometimes I wonder what a higher powered amp, such as the Aleph 1.2's or an X Series amp, would do for my system, as the Aerial's are quite power-hungry. But I don't play my music as loudly as some other folks do, typically 70 - 80 dB. I am using Kimber Select interconnects and speaker cables, and they seem to do fine. I think that the AI Mod 3 and Pass amps are a good match, with a high-quality, low capacitance interconnect cable.