Pass Aleph: which one to get?

Dear All,

A few days ago I auditioned the Pass Aleph 0s within my system. The speakers are the Revel M20 and the result was really impressive. The guy who is selling it was so astonished that he is considering that he should no longer sell it (!)

I was also captivated by the liquid, transparent, holographic character of the Aleph 0s (among the best I've heard on the SS realm) and I do think it's a great partner for the Revels.

I live in Europe, and here they are not as easy to find as in US, but I managed to find an Aleph 3 and Aleph 30. How do they compare in sonic terms with the Aleph 0s? Between the 3 and 30, which one is preferable? I know that the input impedance of the 30 is higher which allows the matching with a broader range of pre-amps ... are there any other important differences?

Thanks in advance,
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I have an Aleph 0s with which I have been satsified for 10 years. The Aleph 3 is a little lower power with 2 gain stages instead of 3, and is reputed to sound more tube like, but it delivers a little less current into low impedances. the aleph 30 is a later version of the 3, I believe, but it is not as ruggedly built and should sell for considerably less. You should be able to find all the details on the passlabs website.
What is the sensitivity of your speakers?
What is the output impedance of your preamp? Are you using tubes?
I have the 3 & the 30. The 3 has 4 output transistors per channel, the 30 has 6. The 3 cost more new because of the metalwork. The 30 is more conventional & does have much better anodizing - it won't turn purple/red from heat like the 3s do...
The purists would say the 3 should sound better up to clipping, because it has less output transistors for the music to go through. I honestly can't tell the difference between mine.
The 30 also has speaker binding posts thst are much less cramped (easier to use) than the 3.
Finally, everybody (even non-believers) comments on how unique the 3 ("Borg Cube") looks.
I'd buy whatever comes up at a good price first. You can always buy the other one later......
I forgot to add, the circuit board in the 30 is right on top, when you take the cover off. I believe it should be easier to tweak than the 3. (I'm waiting until the warranty ends before I change anything)...