Pass Aleph vs, Clayton amps

I would like to try out a single ended solid state amp and was wondering which is the best between the Clayton or the Pass Aleph? Or if there is someyhing better please provide feedback, please. Thanks.
I have heard the Pass Aleph 5 and Clayton M70 monoblocks. The Claytons were much better and unfortunately, a lot more expensive than the Aleph 5. Have not heard any other Pass amps.
cannot comment on the Pass amps but did a head to head comparision between the Clayton M70's and Blue Circles BC-2 monoblocks and it was no contest. The Blue Circles were the all around winner. Better soundstage, more open midrange, smoother highs, more live sounding. The only edge the Claytons might have had was slightly better bass. Sold the Claytons and bought the Blue Circles.