Pass Aleph series with Apogee??

I have and ARC SP-9 and Apogee Caliper tweeters and am searching for an amplifier, perhaps Pass Aleph, for excusively the tweeters as I have an active Apogee crossover and will also be considering A powerful SS amplifier(s) to power the bottom end exclusively.The bottom end is a single Dynaudio 17w75 in an incredibly rigid designed and executed box.Any experience mating these power(current) hungry tweeters with any of the Aleph series and or the ARC preamps. Price is somewhat secondary and musical tastes is primarily smaller chamber music but must also display the ability to kick when need be!! Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
I'd consider the X series Pass over the Aleph for any Apogee product. The Alephs will drive but aren't crazy about low efficiency drivers of low impedence. YMMV
I would hold off on the Pass Aleph amps. I had the Aleph 3 and it didn't do real well with difficult loads. It was excellent with monitors.
I would go for a Acoustic REality EAR2. Best sound I have heard on my Apogee Scintillas.

I use the Aleph 2s to drive my Mini Grands. The Mini Dax does roll off all the frequencies below 80 hertz. The Alephs drive the panels in this arrangement with no problems, I'm using an Adcom GFP750 for my pre-amp.....
The older Aleph series with 3 gain stages will drive the Apogees. I used an Aleph 0s with Apogee Duettas for several years. ( I know this shouldn't work, but it did.)
For the Calipers I think the Aleph 0 monoblocks would be excellent but the Aleph 3 & 5 don't do well into low impedance loads. Also be careful about using a tube preamp into the Alephs as they have a rather low input impedance of I think 14 kohms. I am now using a BAT VK30 into the Aleph 0s, but the ARC SP9 may be marginal.
I use Alpeph 1.2's with Duetta Signatures, and it's a match made in heaven. The Calipers are a bit tougher load than the Duettas. The Calipers are nominal 3 ohms vs the Duetta nominal 4 ohm. The 1.2's are still good for about 250 watts at this impedance, so they should work fine.

They are pretty heavy and run hot, though (think space heater).
I'm with the first response; forget the Aleph for the ribbon and a bruiser for the bottom. Go with the Pass Labs X amp. the 350 will do the whole. I've owned three models of Apogees. I have never heard better synergy, than with Pass X amps.
Oops, now I agree with Carlton. Audio relationships are a fickle lot.