Pass Aleph P vs L preamp ?

Hi, do they differentiate only because the L basically a passive topology with an optional gain if needed, or the aleph P is in a different league of preamps ?
Knowing that for Mr.Pass less is more, wouldn't be the L the winner in sound quality?
I doubt when looking at original price tag as the L costed half the price of the P.
Would appreciate your comments and learn if you would take the chance to use a L as a preamp for a aleph 0,s power amp (26dB gain)
Thanks and cheers

p has more features

1 balanced connectors
2 improved volume control
3 more detail
4 possibly quieter, i think so

those are the reasons i chose a p for my system
Be careful of the older L versions have volume Pot problems (they can be serviced and upgraded but should it really have to?), go for the P.
I almost got an L until I did a ton of searches about them, then I looked at the Placette Passive (bargain and has a remote!) and eventually decided on the Placette Active (Suddenly I had music!... what pre-amp? and a remote that is to die for actuate with volume steps)
My Aleph P has incredible resolution and is dead quiet, but I find it to be a bit steril and analytical for music. I use it for both 2 channel HT/HDTV and CD playback. It really shines with spoken dialog on movies and vocals on CD.
I have a non-remote 'P' that was abused, so I had it completely refurbished several years ago by Pass. In the course of the redo, the transformer was upgraded to 60 watts (instead of 30) and the power supply rebuilt. I'm using it with an Ayre V-5x, so truly balanced using XLR's. More importantly, very musical. To get an idea of it's role in my system, check out the review of the Luminous Silver Refs I just posted about a week ago.

It completely blows away the Cary I was using before & really, I never though SS could sound this good until I got the 'P'. I have changed out every single thing in my system since I've had the P & not sure what it would take for me to give it up.
There was an article back in one of the now defunct magazines that spoke about the differences in the two. The P was clearly in a different league.