Pass Aleph P vs BAT VK20? Have VK60 and Aleph 0...

Looking to purchase either the Pass Aleph P preamp or the BAT vk20(solid state) I have both the Pass Aleph 0s and BAT VK60 tube amp. Which would work best with both??
If it were me, I would definitely go with the BAT.
Really?? Why BAT??
I would go with the Aleph P. I used that preamp (non remote version) with a Pass Aleph 3 for many years and enjoyed the pair.
I don't like Pass preamps. They have a lifeless sound to them. I haven't heard some of their newer preamps, so I don't know about those models. Also, I had both amps that you have, only I had the 0 monos, not the stereo. But they sound very close. I had an X series preamp and kept it only for a few months. BAT's preamps are much more modern sounding and will work well with a wide variety of equipment.
That sounds great! I appreciate your feedback. I Havnt had any experience with either pass or BAT pre's tho I love their amps! I agree the BAT definitely has more of a modern look and added functionality that the old Aleph P just can't touch... Now the new Pass pres are out of this world and filled with the latest and greatest bells and whistles but for a significant bump in cost!! I'm not looking to break the bank. Just want something that sounds and looks good with my classic ss and tube amps. I'll keep my eyes peeled on the "gon" for some reasonably priced BAT gear. May also consider BAT tube pre but really leaning toward ss vk20 or vk40 at this point. Tube pres can be finicky at time and would rather just have a unit that can stay on and just make music when needed...
I owned the Pass X1 & the BAT VK31SE at the same time.
In my system, the Pass sounded better balanced, the BAT sounded better single ended.
- I live in Phoenix, so the BAT was a big negative for heat, in the summer.
The X1 was a big step up, from the Aleph P, IMO.....
I just had an opportunity to purchase a Pass Aleph P and a BAT VK20, each very reasonably priced so I bought both! ($1600 total investment) I also have the option to return either one if
not 100% satisfied! I'll beable to do some real world a/b testing in my own listening room which will allow me to make the best choice for my system. I'll post my results but heck, for $1600 respectively, I may end up keeping both anyway!!
I owned an Aleph P, version with remote. I found it very clean but lacking in dynamics- a softer sort of sound.

That said, I now have a Pass INT-150 which I like and I own a Pass X15 phono pre which I also think is very good.

But for me, on the P, I'd pass

Excellent opportunity for you to listen in your own environment to both the Pass and BAT :-)
Go with the Aleph P. The Aleph0s has a 10k input impedance and the BAT cannot drive it properly unless you change the output caps. I have used both an Aleph P and a BAT VK30 with my Aleph 0s. You should also consider the Pass X2.5
That's interesting. I didn't think about the input impedance but I'll have a chance to hear for myself what the difference will be. Thanks!