Pass Aleph P vs. Audible Illusions L2

Anybody could compared this 2 preamplifiers?
I´ve just bought the Aleph 30 and I want to buy a preamplifier.
The Aleph 30 has better input impedance, so I can use tube preamplifier.
The Audible Illusions represent a good option, but it doesn´t have balance input and outputs.
I couldn´t compared the Aleph 30 inputs. I don´t know if there are any differents between balance and single ended inputs.
Many people recomend me a tube preamplifier but other recomended the Aleph P as the best complment to the Aleph 30.
I will apreciate all your suggest.
Carolina, I can't speak about the Audible Illusions pre. But I bought an Aleph P (non-remote version) several years ago. I had upgraded from an Aragon Aurum. I was BLOWN AWAY with the amount of difference a pre-amp could make. I realize the Aragon is a lower quality product, but the Aleph is awesome. I traded it in for a Krell HT processor. The dealer I traded it to said they hooked it up to make sure it worked, and all the salesmen ended up gathered around, listening, and commenting on how good it sounds. I am not exaggerating. I miss it and will probably switch back to 2-channel with a Pass pre. Good luck.