Pass Aleph amps with PS300 or PS600?

I have an Aleph 3 amp and an old Aleph P pre-amp. The Pass Labs literature advises against changing power chords on their amps (they say they're designed in a way that the power source doesn't matter). I was wondering if anyone has tried a PS300 or PS600 with their Aleph amp. Has it made a noticable difference, or can I save some money and buy the smaller power supply for my souces and pre-amp?
I can't comment on the sonic effects with an Aleph amp (used to hafve a 5), but it makes quite a difference with an X-150. I think there is a reasonable chance you'll be able to use the Aleph 3 successfully with a P300, along with your front-end gear. You may need to get the fan kit for the P300, but try it first without. Unless the P300 shuts down with the Pass (not likely, but no harm in any case), you'll be able to see for yourself if it makes a difference with the amp. In the end, if you feel you need more power headroom, you can upgrade to the bigger Power Plant, taking advantage of PS Audio's 30 day trial. --Dan
Just a quick note to let you know that the PS 300 will NOT work with the Aleph 3 kicks it into the protection mode ( on the PS300) and shuts it down...too much current draw..over 300 watts at turn on, 290 at will have to save up for the PS 600 at $2K ....ouch! Regards, Eric
I stand corrected. Good to know the real story here. --Dan
Wait a Aleph 5 drew 300 watts at idle per the manual, as I recall. The half-as-powerful A3 does also? --Dan
I have the Pass preamp, but the model 5 power amp. Recently acquired a P600. According to the P600 panel display the system (including phono preamp, CD and DAC) draw between 370 to 430 watts. The musical advantages of the P600 are as advertised. Give the P300 a try, it might work with the amp. If it doesn't, then you can either use it on the source component, or return it to PS Audio.
Have Aleph P and 2s (300w idle each), and wonder if there are audible benefits from these power-line devices. Isn't one of the benefits of that bathtub of Class A energy idling along to act as a flywheel (sorry to mix metaphors)? Anyone hear a difference?
I've had a P600 for about a month. It replaced one of the big original (slant sided) API units supplemented with Versalab woodblocks. It's plugged into a dedicated AC outlet. Using it with Pass pre/power amps the change in sound quality was an unmistakeable and very positive. The bass became more dynamic, low level music was more readily apparent, yet the sound lost none of its cohesiveness. The sound acquired an overall more natural texture. The effect is more noticeable on digital (I've been swapping out Sony, Sonic Frontiers, Goldmund and Wadia units), but still quite positive on vinyl. The only downside is that the unit is very large and it throws off a fair amount of heat (but less than the Pass 5). A strongly recommended combination.