Pass Aleph 30 + Placette Passive Pre OK?

I am planning on the following setup:

- MHDT Havana DAC: 2.6V @ 800 ohms output
- Placette RVC: 2 Kohm output resistance
- Pass Aleph 30: 47 Kohm input impedance
- 1M interconnects

Will this work? Please tell me yes; I just bought the pre. :)
Also, has anybody had experience with both the Pass Aleph 30/3/J and the Almarro A205A MkII SEP integrated? I know it's kind of apples and oranges, but that's the amp I'm replacing. It sounds great for more intimate, acoustic and vocal music, but lacks dynamics and punch, obviously at 4.8 WPC. My speakers aren't really efficient enough for the little guy (90 dB @ 6 ohm nominal). Overall I'm pretty satisfied since it's a bedroom system, but just think maybe it's time for a change.
I used the original Aleph Os with a Reference Line Preeminence II years ago and it worked great ... not sure if the results will be the same with the Placette and Aleph 3 ... even if someone says "NO it will not work", try it anyway! The proof is in the pudding errrr listening
Just to follow up on my own question for future lurkers who might be considering this, I now have an Aleph 3 and tried to run it with the Placette and the results were not good. Puny sound and congested in the rear of the soundstage. However, when I switch from the Placette to Bel Canto C5i line out the change was significant. Now I get big, clear sound! Enough power for me, although I do run the volume up in the upper 70s to upper 80s out of 100 for fairly loud listening.

Keep in mind the input impedance of the Aleph 3 is a mere 23 Kohms while the Aleph 30 is 47 Kohms and the Aleph J is a whopping 242 Kohms!

I will not be keeping the Aleph 3 as I want to use the Placette, but I will be snatching up the next Aleph J that comes around!
You generally want the input impedance to be at least 20x the output impedance. More would be better, say 25-30x.
Hi, did the combo of Placette Passive Pre and MHDT Havana work? My integrated amp has a passive section and Havana has a high output impedance. I'm worried about the impedance mismatch. Thank you for any info/advice.