Pass Aleph 3 vs Classe dr3

Anyone have any comments on the sound of these two Class A amps, the currently sell for about the same money in the used market although the Classe is about 10 years older
anyone? Im more interested in opinions on the Classe, as there is plenty of info available on the Aleph. Is the Classe still competitive with modern equipment....especially at its used price (aprox. $900)if anyone has owned one, what did it sound like?
I don't know much about it but a friend of mine had an early Classe, can't remember if it was the dr-3 or not but it was definately low power (like 25Wpc). He loved it but said that it ran really hot which would mean that the circuits will age rather quickly. I think Pass also says this about the Aleph 3. The dr-3 isn't new and if it was used a lot, it may need some caps replaced and perhaps more. Hard to say.

The only straight answer you will get is if you buy one and try it yourself. Experimenting should be a large part of the fun. Good luck! Arthur
The Pass Aleph's are the smoothest most musical amps I've ever heard (check out my handle) However you're only bealing with 30 watts. Careful speaker matching is important
If you prefer tube like sound then I would choose the DR-3.
Get the VHC version then you can drive most of the speakers.
It sounded great with altec 288 horn speakers and VR-7s.
Just remember that is is only 25 Watt/ch.
Although I'm all tube guy, this is one of the better SS amp I've heard.
Just too big for my living room.