Pass Aleph 3 VS Bel Canto Evo 200.2

How would one fine amplifier built in mid 90's, like Pass Aleph 3 measure-up against newer technology? I am not just talking about new digital amplifiers, but also new class A amplifiers in same category as the venerable Aleph 3. Did technology move so rapidly, that Pass amlifier became outdated? Is it time to upgrade?
Aleph 3 is still viable option today.
Comparing Bel Canto amp to Aleph is
like comparing apples to oranges.

I prefer Bel Canto ( their newer version
with bigger tranny ) over Aleph, but
that's just me.

You and your system might find it otherwise.
Good question, and I am looking forward to read other comparisons.Meanwhile I can give a small contribution. Just auditioned and bought an Aleph 0,s (probably inferior in sound quality when compared to aleph 3 but more current for below 8 ohm speakers).
I was amazed how this 90's amp outperformed my Goldmund mimesis SRA well known for his hyperfast, dynamic and transparent sound. Aleph, IMHO opinion has a midrange to die for and if you do not need the bass slamm, it will reproduce all frequencies accurately with splendid bass articulation (quality and not quantity).
I wanted to drop just 2 lines but as you can notice the aleph is already in my heart !
I expect many others will advise you better as the 0,s is not exactly a aleph 3, that by the way is the most famous of the bunch.