Pass aleph-3 or BAT 1001 MK2

They didn't stop making the Aleph line for no reason. Look into the Electrocompaniet AW60 FTT or the AW 120 DMB amps. Both are better candidates than the ones you are considering. They list for 1995 and 3995 but can be gotten at less.
Try to listen to them in your system if at all possible. I haven't heard the Bel amps, but the Pass Aleph 3 sounds great in my system. If you have efficient speakers, listen at less than deafening levels, and your system can resolve subtle details, you'll really appreciate the refinement of the Aleph 3.
The Clayton Audio S40 (50 watts per ch) or their more powerful monaural amps the M70s (70 watt/ch) and the M100 (100 watts/ch) should be prime contenders in your search for amps in this category. Several well known audio-folk have replaced their BELs with the M70s.
Dave, did you try the Rogue 88 with the KT88 tubes,it would sound "KILLER" with the Rogue 99 you have, the speaker are sensetive enough you could use the all triode mode and still BLAST the day lights out your room with clean sound, I didn`t like the 6550 with the amp, but you should hear it with KT88 ,great amp for the money. Greg
I havent auditioned any amps inc. the 88 Iam going to S.S. tubes are a pain in the ass.(my 99 phono hiss)I know its not a problem with amps but still! My lovely old Dyna stock with N.O.S 7199s sounds great but Im ready to move up.My top choices now are still the Aleph-3,BEL mk 2 or 3 amd the Clayton S-40 This amp looks like a good contender.Any comments? By the way Ive given up on the Phono hiss.When I got the 99 my dealer Mario,owner Toys from the Attic sent me the 99 With phono to compare with my Black Cube.I chose the 99phono.They sounded about the same and I thought I could end the hiss with LN tubes.NOT! Anyway my friend,Mario is going to trade me back my badly missed ugly cube.
P.S. anyone know Mario? I might as well give him a plug.This dealer has to be the best PERIOD.He has spent HOURS on the phone with me.Always there whn I had questions and is a true friend.BEST prices also(THAT HELPS) call him 914-421-0069 [email protected]
Dave, I don`t know about the other amps you talked about, but you should asks Mario if you can try the 88,I believe you will like what you hear from it , don`t dismiss tubes because of one unit , try them first, your system sounds like it will do great with that amp. I`ve talked to Mario before ,he sounds like a great dude. has he been to your house to hear the hiss from the 99? anyway I hope you find the amp that will do your soul some good, so you can get back to the MUSIC!!!!!! Greg