Pass Aleph 3- Best Matched Speakers

Comrades, Looking to match a CAL CL15 and Aleph3 with a moderately ($1500-$3500) set of used or new speakers. Listen to a wide range of music (chamber to Nirvana) but in relative order, my priorities are: timber of voices and instruments, detail, imaging, soundstage. Viceral bass great, booming bass not (I can head down to the corner for a beer, thumping bass, and company). HATE Scrrrreeeeching highs. Combo will be housed in a small to moderately sized room with wood floors and plaster walls. What's your top recommendation??? Thanks for your help.
yo, you have best amp under 3k congratulations,speakers how about small Audio Steps SLE or Tempo MKII, and you can try ProAC 2.5.
The aleph 3 is a very neutral amp. The only downside is low power, which limits your choice of speakers. Stay away from power guzzlers like Theil, Magnepan, Martin Logan, etc. Otherwise, choose whatever speaker you like. I have heard the aleph 3 w/ the Proac 2.5, and it is nice, very smooth through the treble, but it starts to sound compressed in midsized rooms at slightly loud levels. Happy hunting.
I would audition Soliloquy 5.3/$1895 pair. Or proAc sc's Good Luck!
Give a serious listen to the Meadowlark Kestrels (hot rod bi-wire would be preferable). They're first-order with high sensitivity, so they're a breeze to drive and they sound great. I've considered them a shade bright at times, but it's always been traced to the source.
Try Aerial Model 5s if you don't have a large space to fill. Excellent timbre, depth, and soundstaging. Inefficient as hell.