WILL THIS COMBO.WORK?THE SPEAKERS ARE 92db 8 olm the curve is said to be gradual down to 4,5 olm.My dealer said not enough power.I hope he is wrong.I really want this amp.My preamp is Rogue99 with phono.Thanks all 1
Dave-- you're consistent and persistent. With a sensitivity of 92, according to my calculations, a 30 wpc amp will produce 107 dBs with an input of 32 watts (104 with 16 wpc). This is at one meter. According to doctors, sustained listening above 85 dB can damage hearing. 107 dB is damn loud, and at say-- 10 feet, dB falloff is not that great, maybe a couple dB. I have a radioshack SPL meter and I've checked my own listening levels many times. Go for it!
I have a pass aleph 3 and it drives everything fine. This is a top nothc amp. I run the hales rev as well as home made ariels
Dave, the Aleph 3 should easily handle those Paradigms. My Von Schweikert VR-4's are rated at 90db sensitivity and a fairly even load with a low, if I recall correctly, of 3.8 ohms, and the Aleph 3 can push them to very loud and clean levels. Don't forget, also, that the Pass will deliver 60 watts into 4 ohms. I think you'll be very pleased with the Aleph 3. The only drawbacks are no balanced inputs and cramped space on the rear.