pass aleph 1.2-speakers to pair w/; 4-6,000

HELP: i've posted a few times seeking suggestions for speaker to use w/ pass electronics and a sony 777es in a 35'x30' room. i listen to a broad range of music& seek a detailed, yet sweet sound, great imaging and tuneful tight bass down to at least hi 30's.
IN MIAMI, fl 33133 good demo w/ an amp even remotely simular to the big aleph's is difficult. i'll travel up to 100 miles for demonstration purposes. i'm open to buying new, used or demo
How about a used pair of Dunlavy SC-IV/a's? They're big, but you appear to have the room. Widely reviewed in glowing terms and easy to get for your price range. I've heard them at a dealer, but have never owned them, mainly because of their size. -Kirk
I would suggest a used pair of Wilson Watt Puppies 5.1. I have a pair of 5.1's that I use with my aleph 2's aleph P, and Sony 333ES (temporary) with great results. I feel the Alephs pair very well with the Wilsons. The imaging is holography (wilsons strengh) while the sound is natural and liquid (Aleph strengh)
Wloeb: The Aleph 1.2's are the exception to the rule. It is my understanding that Nelson Pass while really liking the Aleph 2's, di not like the 1.2's with the Watt Puppies.
I have used a pair of Aleph 1.2's with the Watt/Puppy 5.1 for several years and it is a very synergistic match. The 2 may be better but the 1.2's do work quite well with the Wilson's. Don't rule the combination out until you have tried it for yourself.
Thiel speakers match very well with Pass aleph amps.
USED Thiel CS7 is in your price range.
brightness? can the aleph's control the bass? correctness of timber? aleph 1.2 is 200watts@8ohms/300@4ohms. the thiel line goes to low # of ohms very low in the low bass?
ANYONE RUN THE big thiels w/ the aleph's???????
For what little it's worth, I own a pair of the Aleph 1.2s and have been using them with Eggleston Andras for the past three years. I find the match to be synergistic and the music more realistic, open, and "airy" then I had expected.

I suspect that ancillary equipment will have a great effect on your results. The rest of my system includes a Rowland Coherence preamp, Cary 306 CD player, and Transparent Reference and Ultra wire.

Good luck -- if nothing else, the 1.2s should be able to wow you for a very long time.