Pass Alep2

I'm considering to upgrade the Alep5 to be Alep2. I saw one pair posting here but don't know it's expensive or not. Have anyone here know what is the new retail price of Pass Alep2?

Appreciate your answer.

MSRP was $6800/pr. IMHO, this was the best sound vs. cost in the Aleph line. I've seen them on A'gon for as low as $2800, but anything below $3400 is still a good deal as long as the pr is in VG or better shape, with OBM.
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i don't know about the price but they are some smooth sounding amps.i had the the pass 3 but not the 5. the 2's are way ,way pass the 3's.i really cannot see you going wrong with purchasing a pr. shop around because i underpriced mine for a quick sale, there may be someone ready to do the same.i have cary 300se signatures,cary 805 c's and they sound great but not better than the pass 2's.
thinking back i think i sold mine just to try something new.some audio items i've learned just sound right .
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Thank for the comment above especially Condoe. Of course, I' the owner of Pass 3 and Pass 5 with both Pass preamp L and P. The Alep5 is sound not good as Alep3. However,I use qite a big speaker (Dunlavy IV/A) so I require more power and Alep5 is my choice. If people here heard that the Alep2 is better or pass the 3, I think it's time that I can invest. May be I need to ask Mr. Pass himself on his opinion.

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I have owned a few pair of Aleph 2s and currently own a pair which was manufactured one month before the Aleph line was discontinued in 1999, this pair I am keeping. Prices on Alephs 2 have actually gone up from what they were a few years ago. Then if you were lucky you could pick up a pair for around $2400, today its $2800 to perhaps $3400 if in prestine condition. These are great amps. I also own the Aleph 3 which is also a great amp if you can get by with 30 WPC. Matched with Audio Physic Virgos and a good tube preamp and listed to jazz and acoustic music it does not get much better. The Aleph 2 and 3 has the same sonic signature. If you want one get it while you can.
Pass Labs kept a pair of Aleph 2's. They compare all of their new products to the Aleph 2 sound. That says it all.
Again, thank for the good comment here. I just have one question in mind, since the amp is running very hot. If I have to purchase the unit that probably produced in year 97, do you think that they might have some parts degarde that effect to the sound quality? Also, can I use it for another 5-7 year from now?

Thank for everybody who contribute to the question.
I have a 3. I called Pass to ask them that very question and was told not to worry about it. They said that I would know when it needed to be sent to them, I would hear the difference and it should be several more years.
I almost get to the decision point already until tonite I saw the ad. to sell Pass X250 with price 2,500$. I don't have experience with Pass X series before but like to mate them with my Alpe P. Want to have the last opinion from all of your guy compare to the Alep2. Price is really comparable and it's new. That why I quite reluctant and can not make a decision.

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If you have to have 250 watts, the X250 is good. If you can drive your speakers with 100 watts, the Aleph 2's are leaps and bounds better. If you don't believe me, just call Pass Labs and ask them what they think. Did you read my post above about what Pass Labs uses to compare all their new products to? That info came from the President of Pass Labs and is not speculation on my part. The Aleph 2's are amps that you buy and never sell. What more could you want?
Thank for the advice. Base on my speaker and my listening preference, Alep 2 would be my choice. I have no doubt about the post that you mentioned on Pass lab use Alep2 to compare all product. Just been pushed by the price and the age of X250.

Thank so much.
I have 2 Aleph 5's I passively bi-amp Nautalus 802's and they sound wonderful. I think Alephs are some of the best sounding amps around. Inefficent, can't handle difficult speaker loads, and will double your electric bill, but wonderful sounding amps. I also have a feeling they won't last forever 'cause they run so hot. Hopefully Nelson will still be around a while to repair them!