Pass 600 Monos vs Krell 350 monos

Although these are oviously different in power,what would be considered the best choice for R&B type music,with B&W N802's..i chose this comparison because price was in my range.
Otoohot, Are you considering new or used in your price range? If you are considering new equiptment I would highly recommend two amps - the Boulder 1060 and the Accuphase A-50V. I have not heard the 1060 in my system, but a source whom I trust has told me the 1060 is more detailed is a very good match for the 802. If you like more air and liquidity without giving up detail and slam I would also seriously take a hard look at the A-50V. Both of these units are hard to find used (That is why I asked if you are buying new or used.) I am currently auditioning an A-50V on my Nautilus 802 fronted by dCS gear and so far - it is amazing. Air, Liquidity, Detail Slam – it is all there. If you’re planning on buying used then I would also take a look at Rowland 8TiHC or a LAMM 1.1. These are the other amps that made my short list of amps to audition. Hope this helps as I wanted to pass along my experiences with picking an amp for the N802.

Tough comparison. Personally, I don't believe the Krells are in the same league as the Pass 600s. The X600s are Pass' best sounding amps and absolutely light up the cheaper Krells or Levinsons. Depending upon which Krell you're considering, the Krell may stay close on base, but everything after that falls far behind.

Until recently, I used N802s with my X600s and the added performance I got out of my N802s over my previous amps was incredible. I consequently did away with subwoofers due to the added base extension and also gained an incredibly low noise floor and amazing dynamics, not to mention an "airier" top end. The N802s tend toward the bright and harsh side, but the 600s seemed to tame this without rolling off the highs (like the Krells, Proceeds, or Levinsons). You'll also find the Pass gear to be much more accurate.

I've since upgraded my N802s to Eidelons, but I stand behind the extraordinary experience with the N802s & X600s given the price point of the N802s and capability of the N802s to continually rise to the level of their upstream components. If you like your 802s, you'll be in love powering them with the 600s.

Good Luck.
I agree with Paul, I think the Pass X600's are pretty special solid state amplifiers. The Pass Labs X600's get my vote.
A point to remember:

B&W used the FPB650 to voice the "N" line of speakers.

B&W actually use a range of amps to voice their speakers including Mark Levinson 33s and a Classe Omega. They don't use FPB650s exclusively.
P.S. The Pass X600s get my vote.
Pass X series is a great line of amps. You can't go wrong with that combo ..... Chris
Thanks for all of you info..think i'll try the X600's
May be you should add Chord like 1200E to your list. THis is good match with B&W 802N.