Pass 30m or Bob Latino ST 120?

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Why don't you be brief?  

You talk too much.
more info....

my post!

How big room.
 Answer: yes
go to Audioasylum and read Abe Collins' reply to my post
He's a prat. Always out of his depth. A triumph of quantity over substance.
St-120 with KT-150.
OP asked some input about these two amplifiers, not to belittle a person that is not participating in this thread.

OP needs to give more info. He was asked to and did not. He told the Agon members to go to another site and read more about his needs? Obviously he could not muster up enough energy to post a proper question. Garbage in will always reward with garbage out. Pretty simple stuff. 
Allthatbach54, the op referred this thread to another thread touting a response by, IMHO, an unreliable source. I didn't bring Mr. Collins into this thread, Mr. Stein did. However I did respond with my opinion, and it is just that, of the source. If Mr. Stein refers us to that as a model answer, it seems fair game to challenge the source, as well as the veracity of the information.

Now that we have cleared that up I find myself in agreement with grannyring that the OP is trolling. YMMV.
I am not trolling. I am just too lazy to measure my room, which is 24 feet by 45 X 13 high,  opening at one end onto an L shape. or as i said, big. Abe Collins at audio asylum owned my SS amp and was able to give a semi-useful answer rather than call me names.