Pass 250.5 with Vandersteen 5A's

Is anybody using or have heard this combination?

What did you feel were its strengths and weakenesses?

Right now I am going to try the two amps I currently own:

Moscode 401HR

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Nope, not me. I used a Threshold S200 with a pair of 5's, though,. That's about as close as I can get. It was nice, for sure. I prefer tubes, though....

I am currently using the Pass X250.5 with a pair of Vandersteen Quatro's. As a former tube lover I was startled by the realism of the Pass, Quatro combination and sold my Quicksilver Monoblocks to buy the Pass. The dynamics and bass slam are just incredible and the midrange is as good as I had with the Quicksilvers. The system plays all types of music well. The Quicksilvers played small scale music a bit better than the Pass but as I listen to quite a bit of Classical and Rock, the Pass is a better match for my listening habits. I have heard the Pass with the 5a's at the Audio Connection and it works just as well with the 5A's. If you are anywhere near the Audio Connection in Verona, NJ you should go and listen to them and judge for yourself.
Good Luck with the hunt.
I have the 5A's - got them from Johm. He's a nice guy, but I think the big Audio Research or Ayre amps are better. I'm using the big Ayre and its very nice indeed.
I kept the Moscode and sold the BAT.

Both are great amps, but at the end of the day I just felt the Moscode was more musical and I listened more to the music instead of in audiophile way (analyzing the music and its components).

I heard the Pass amps at Audio Connection too and that match seemed boring to me. I have Ayre stuff - that seems much more alive and excigting...much more like music