PAS-2, PAS-3x versus Eico HF-85

Hey everyone:

I was just wondering on what people's thoughts were on these two vintage pre-amps. I tried searching for a thread that did a direct comparison but nothing came up although when one name came up as an option, so did the other one.

My main concern is the phono-stage since I've been listening to the Musical Surroundings Phonomena and it is sounding a little and bright, but it everything is kept in track and it is quite tight.

Right now I actually have a PAS-3 unmodded with stock Telefunken 12AX7's inside but I will start looking for an HF-85 if people say it does sound better.

Using Maggies and Cary Sixpacs right now and a Technics 1210-M5G turntable. I listen to mostly vocals and classic rock with a zest of Classical here and there.

Also, anyone with experience in modding a PAS-3, I'd love to hear some feedback as to what I shoul do first to get the most out of it and work my way down that mod list.

Thanks everyone in advance for your input!

P.S. - How do I tell if the the Dynaco was a kit of factory built? Is there a surefire way? Or do I have to just study the build quality?
I've done update/modifications to both. The Dynaco is a lot better place to start!

We still do updates to the PAS-2/PAS-3, with an updated phono section, a nice line stage (no tone controls), stepped volume control and power supply regulation. They turn out rather well :)

Kit-built PAS preamps are what you are most likely to run into. The layout was hard to make the selector switch/input wiring look very neat, and if you are are thinking up updating/upgrading the unit it will not be any worries. Just make sure that the unit works- any serious update will be replacing all the filter caps so there are no worries if it hums- you're going to have to replace the filter caps even if you keep it stock. The same is true of the EICO.