If�n you�re lookin� to blast your PH-302 into audio nirvana then look no farther and get in touch with Chris Johnson at Parts Connexion ASAP.

My Parts Connexion modded PH-302 MK2 has approximately 200 hours on it and all I gotta say is this sucker continues to please and astound. Detail and clarity are razor sharp. Soundstage fantastic. The music blossoms WAY out into the room. Instruments and voices are so detailed and defined that when I close my eyes I�m simply transported away. My speakers have literally disappeared. Where as in stock form the Cary was a bit sluggish in terms of the transient speed that my Soundsmith Paua delivers � now both are in absolute harmony. It�s my understanding that I have another couple hundred hours to completely burn-in Chris VenHaus� incredible V-Caps. Shit, if that�s true, my ears will be on the other side of the universe when all is said and done.

My PH-302 started life as a MK1. I sent it to Cary in August 2011 to be upgraded to MK2 status. I got boned by Cary. It�s because of this bad experience that I ended up sending my PH-302 to Parts Connexion. Every cloud has its silver lining.

Following is Chris� description of what could be pulled out of their bag of magic potions:

As for parts upgrade mods, we are thinking about better tube sockets
(teflon composite type)....better input RCA jacks on the MC input (WBT next gen copper); better loadng resistors (Vishay Z-foil)....and ,the most
important parts...far better output coupling caps....the value now is
0.22uf...too low.....should be 4 times a 1uf. Als , we were going
to suggest the V-CAP teflon film & tin foil....these are $200 each though
(after discount), $400 for both caps. This brings you from a Buick to
a Ferrari in quality. So far, we are specing $600 in parts + install
labour for the mods....I think the whole project, including repairs will be
about $1000 to $1100, + return freight....does that work ?

Turned out to be some of the best bucks I�ve laid down for audio.

To better explain what was done, following is from Parts Connexion�s engineer/tech:

To help you understand what was done I'll try to explain the work, er,
the short version.

For quite some time I have used fet/tube (hybrid) cascode configuration
with great success. This circuit was also a favorite of Allen Wright's of Vacuum State (who unfortunately is no longer with us)

This particular configuration provides excellent resolution to help you get
the best from your LPs. As well, the EQ was changed for optimal performance with the modified input stage.

The transistor is a JFET, specifically a 2SK369 which is designed for low
noise MC input stages.

There are parts on the rear of the PCB as necessary to implement the

I hope this answers your questions.

The only question being answered is what I�m hearing every time I slap a LP down and set the Paua�s needle into the groove. My PH-302 MK2 was a good performer, now it�s a SPECTCULAR PHONO PREAMP in my system.

Chris does great work!! I've been using a Marantz SA-11S1 that he performed his "Ultimate Tube Mod" for about 5 years now. It has consistently beaten more expensive stock CDP's that I've had the pleasure of putting it up against.

PCX has been my number 1 source of modding parts, a friend got his benchmark dac1 modded with good results.