Parts Connection - Now where do I find parts?

As all of you know, Parts Connection no longer exists. Does anyone know where to find the same selection of parts that they use to provide for the hobbyist?
Same company, new owners, if I'm not mistaken:

Similar source:

Happy listening.
I'm not exactly sure what parts the Parts Connections sold but you could try: (Angela Instruments) (Michael Percy)
Not same company. A group of people who are trying to pass them self's off as the old company.
Natalie, I have to disagree with your above noted statement. The Parts Connexion was started by Chris Johnson, founder and former president of Sonic Frontiers and The Parts Connection, and run by former SFI/TPC personnel. What makes you say otherwise??

Brf is right. The new Parts Connection, spelled Connexion, is headed by Chris Johnson, founder and CEO of Sonic Frontiers. I've heard that Paradigm purchased Sonic Frontiers but is planning to make mostly HT components.
If it where the same Company they would have bought the name and takin over the stock.They did not. They have no ties to Sonic Frontiers.They initially tried to use the catalog and SKU # of the Old Parts Connection untill threatened with a Law suit.
Paradigm bought Sonic Frontiers over 2 years ago possibly even 3 + years.They put money in to keep them going and have decided that the growth is in HT.SF statred out as The Parts Connection and evolved into Sonic and Anthem.Since HT is king and since Anthem has come out with some killer product,Paradigm have put the money on the HT side.
The Parts Connection had been for sale for over a year.The asking price was more than anyone was willing to pay.So instead of selling it cheap,they shut it down.
point is the new group did not pay for the name Changed one letter and away they went.Thats the story.
Watch out about Michael Percy. He has great stuff and really good prices, but he's notoriously hard to contact. I've emailed and faxed the same order to him, but after 7 weeks without a response, I've given up on him. Try at your own risk.

A better option might be Welborne Labs. I've heard great things about them. The homepage is:

and the parts section is:

good luck
But, so what, if they will be stocking and selling parts online for reasonable prices? Isn't this what it is all about? I will check them out once the new catalog is out.
Their ads claim that the Parts Connexion was founded and is at least partially staffed by former employee's of the original Parts Connection division of Sonic Frontiers. Sean
On a related note...I've also been waiting for a reply from Percy Audio for a few weeks, so...

Can anyone tell me who else carries the Nude Vishay resisitors?? I'm looking for two 1/2 watt (or so) in the 1000 Ohm range for cartridge loading (phono preamp).


Percy Audio is close to an one-man operation, or so I heard, and Michael has reportedly been ill with a flu. I placed an order a week ago and have heard nothing back from him. I decided to pay him first rather than waiting for him to send me an invoice, hoping that would give him an extra incentive to work faster. Hope this strategy would work. From my experience Percy Audio usualy responds in about five or six business days. Usually take two to three weeks, more or less, to receive the parts.

Welborne I had some high hopes for, but their service is at best average. They did send me a confirmation e-mail for the order, but never e-mailed me the tracking number. And they failed to respond to my repeated e-mail inquiries. I did get the parts in faster than the time would have taken with Percy, but the lack of attention from Welborne after the sale didn't sit well with me.

Now there's a new store called Reference Audio Mods ( They have Audiocom mod products (Superclock, etc.), Black Gate caps, and soft recovery diodes. I haven't dealt with these guys yet, but their price on BG is better than most other online vendors I could find. Also, their website is easier to navigate than Welborne. Hope they would start stocking some resistors. :)