Partner a G08 with Bat VK300x or Krell 400xi

Looking for opinions from audiogonr's that are familiar with these products. Looking for more depth in my system. Currently PS 5.5, Quatre Gain 125w, B&W dm6. Meridian has taken me a big step forward over my Roksan Caspian. Open to other options or suggestions. Been suggested a better pre amp would be a start, I think 5.5 staight wire should be clean.
I've always found depth gains have been made closer to the source; toeing in your speakers will also yield better results.
Thanks for that. Speakers already toed and set up in the WASP method. Thought of G02 as a replacement pre amp. Also thought that a very good integrated might still be a big step forward with some economy. Might just be a short lived diversion though to a bigger step going back to separates.