pARTicular racks

Does anyone use a Novus rack made by pARTicular? Just wanted some input on sound, looks, and build quality. Semi suspended or fully suspended to be used with a tube system. Thanks.
I have a full suspension Novus with black acrylic shelves. No one who has ever come here has said anything but 'That is 1 cool looking rack'. The full suspension rack is about 2 - 4" wider than the semi suspension. Isolation/decoupling is great. Build quality is superb.

That being said the full suspension is a wobbler if you bump up against it. Semi suspension may be better but I have never seen one of those. You do not want small toddlers around without strict supervision or drunks at a party. You would not want to put a turntable on/in it either.

Mine is a 4 shelf rack with an Octave tube integrated (56 lbs) black box and Meridian G08 in it. Got a spare shelf for junk presently. Can't say enough good about it. Also when I switched out the components from a Barzalay cabinet to the Novus the noise floor dropped.
There are pics of both on their website. I keep my system in a room where there is never more than one person beside me in it. I think it'll be stable enough for a Rega RP3 TT. I got rid of 2 LP 12's. I got a 4 shelf Birchwood but may get the Acrylic's or Symposium shelves one day. I have a tube Cary CAD120's that I'll put on the floor for the first time to find out if it really makes a difference. The rest of the system is tubes except for a ss Moon Equinox SE cd player. It costs a grand extra to go to a full suspension, so I may wait a while. Thanks again.
The TT will be just fine as long as no one bumps the rack. Semi suspension looks to be more stable than mine because 2 posts are coupled to the floor. With my full suspension no posts even touch the floor.
My shelves are 23"w X 18"d. Overall width of my rack is 35 1/2".