Parsifals vs Mahlers - best for what I got?

Friends, a few responders to my querie on high WAF speakers suggested, among many, the Parsifals and Mahlers. They are both handsome and may bring peace - if not calm - to our listening area. As I can audition neither, would appreciate your thoughts. The room is large - appx 25'x25' with a cathedral ceiling reachng to 18'. The room is sunken and opens into the rest of the house. Placement of the speakers would be along the rear wall facing into the rest of the house. I think the spousal "line in the sand" will be about three feet from that wall. No limit on side wall on one side, andd about three feet on the other. I have new power - Halcro MC20 (400wpc) and Atmasphere MP-3. Old power is Pass Aleph 5 (60wpc Class A)and Blue Cirlce BC 21. I bought the Halcro/Atma Spheres for my Newform Research 645 hybrids, but would use the new gear with the new speakers if need be. New front end is Cambridge Audio 840c. Listening preferences - acoustic, ensemble jazz, Grisman, Wasserman, Hancock,etc. Looking for faithful reproduction of tonality with little color - and what everyone wants - large soundstage, presence,etc.
I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has auditioned or even lived with both. Thanks in advance.
You'll need all of that 3' for the Mahlers, but it'll work, IMHO, give or take an inch or two. If you like the Mahlers, then the Strauss will look as good and allow you a little closer to the wall. Either will make Wasserman sound like he's in your room, but not larger than life. All the VAs will cover your wall with a broad soundstage with lots of depth.

I've heard the Mahlers doing Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor at "realistic" levels from the organist's perspective. Simply incredible. My pants legs were flapping.

I don't "know" the Parsifals, so I can't compare.

One thing to consider about the Sumiko-distributed products is the "Sumiko set" of your speakers. (See separate thread under "Reviews" if you want to learn more). It'll fully intergrate the bass, midrange and imaging. The sound is improved so much that the WAF goes through the roof. Women will actually sit down and listen to properly set speakers rather than thinking of audio as a "man thing."

i'm still thinkin' you may regret ditching the waveforms...the other speakers are good, but those waveforms are known to be downright addictive.
I could easily live with the parsifal ovations. I spent quite a bit of time auditioning them at goodwin's high end in boston. plus the quilted maple finish is hard to beat. They work best out from the wall but 3 feet should be ample. great with lp's (we were using a asthetix rhea with moon amp's and pre.)
I have owned the VA Strauss, and currently own the Verity Parsifal's. Not that it matters that much to me, but my wife thinks the Parsifal's look better.

I would say the Parsifal's are richer and more vibrant tonally. Their midrange harmonic structure is beyond approach, IMHO. The VA Strauss were a tad more dynamic and powerful. If large orchestral works or rock are what you are looking for, then I would recommend the Mahlers. However, I listen to mostly acoustic jazz, blues, folk, etc, for this type of music I prefer the midrange purity of the Parsifal's.

Jaybo, fear not. The Newforms ain't going no where except to my music/photo studio. They are an extraordinary piece of work - and for the $1500 or so I spent on them 5 years ago, a major bargain. Seems funny that I should be thinking about speakers several times that amount with no expectation that they will sound several times better.
WAF extends not only to visuals but economics. While I favor the Parsifals for visual reasons, and from what you folks say about their sonic personality, the choise between the two will be an economic one dictated by availabilty on the used market. Appreciate all your suggestions. I think that either would be a pleasure to own.
the maggies that hang on the wall are pretty darn good, and have 'no' footprint...tyler makes a speaker in every conceivable type of finish known to man, and lots of audio geeks swear by em. also salk sound, which are very cool....the waveform is one of thoese well kept secrets for price/performance
I am an owner of the VA Parisifal Ovations in a 25 x25 room with 9' ceilings...for my long answer to "how" they sound, I reccomend reading my review at I think it maybe in the current posted edition, if not, it was the most recent edition.

I have reviewed various prodcuts from Vienna Acoustics and don't find them comparable to the Ovations. However, I have never herad the Mahlers.

Good Luck, John
The Ovations retail for about 2.5 times the Mahlers with the same finish. For that kind of price differential, it'd be worth taking a trip to a large city where you could hear both. Denver would be such a city with non-stop air service from many cities on Frontier airlines and Southwest.

Soundings is where you should audition Vienna Acoustics in Colorado. I saw one or two dealers on the Verity site. Of course, you may have another big city more convenient, but I think you'll find it rewarding to make a trip.