Parking at T.H.E. Show in Costa Mesa?

For anyone attending T.H.E. Show in Costa Mesa on June 7-9, do you know what the parking situation is? There is absolutely no mention of it on T.H.E. Show website except to note that the hotel has a $39 per day parking fee for room guests.

I did e-mail asking about it on their website, but have not received any response. Sounds like someone dropped the ball.


You’re right. There's a lack of info. Google Maps shows parking next door and other parking lots nearby.

Yeah, but will you get towed if you are not using their services?  The nearest local on-street parking is by permit only.

There is parking in a garage below the hotel- I believe there may be a structure adjacent to the hotel as well. Last year they were hitting folks for $15 or so- I don’t remember if that was based on the duration or not. I wouldn’t count on finding street parking.

The adjacent structure just north of the hotel is by monthly permit only for the homes located to the immediate east.

The residents to the west have on-street parking by permit only.  The South Coast Plaza parking lot is ~2,000 feet to the north.  I figured I would call the hotel and ask them what's what.

@toddalin The lack of parking info on the event website looks like a calculation in hoping no one asks.

Does anyone know if they have a presenters list. I was not able to find one. 

I am hoping to hear the new Clarisys Audio Piccolo and Diptyque dp115 speakers. They both seem like a great competitor to the Magnepan LRS+ that I own.

Thanks for the link. I missed it on that site earlier.

It looks like the 3 companies I was interested in are not showing up,

Clarisys Audio, Dipqytue, and Playback Designs (though Nagra is there with the same-ish DAC).

Seeing CODA with maybe the new System 150 gives me a reason to go.

I parked two floors below the hotel (sign said event parking) and there was a door to get in to the lower level ballrooms right there.  Nobody cares about wrist bands and the elevators to the upper floors were open to the general public.  There was no need for a ticket at all, except that if got me a program.

When I left, there at 4:00 PM, there was nobody there to take money and the parking gate was up, so parking was gratis.