I’ve finally achieved parity between my digital and analog sides.
With the acquisition of a new turntable ((Feickert Volare,) I’m at last enjoying both formats equally.

An observation between the two: They are definitely different in character and each has its own sonic signature. Analog is more spacious and for lack of a better word, mellow. Digital is more finely etched. Each has a very well defined sound stage.
Both are a pleasure to listen to now.


OP, nothing really goes becomes 'vintage', or at least can be claimed to be such.

"We're just very selective pack-rats...." *L*

@rvpiano  Congratulations on your rig. I love my Feickert Volare as well. Enjoy the music. 

Streaming is great, I use it most of the time, but keep the wall of records and CD's.  It makes terrific ambience for your listening room.  I have some occasional gatherings and it seems a lot of my friends [mostly 60-ish] will pick out a record they want to hear on the Thorens, and I am happy to indulge them.

Parity, Synergy, Coherence, Compatibility, of each component in the chain (including cables) are the true key to a great system not the $$$$$$$$ spent. 

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