I’ve finally achieved parity between my digital and analog sides.
With the acquisition of a new turntable ((Feickert Volare,) I’m at last enjoying both formats equally.

An observation between the two: They are definitely different in character and each has its own sonic signature. Analog is more spacious and for lack of a better word, mellow. Digital is more finely etched. Each has a very well defined sound stage.
Both are a pleasure to listen to now.


I think this parity - if the equipment is on the same level - also depends on the source, some LP's sound better than their digital versions, whereas the other releases do sound better in digital formats. Generally for me, if the source is good, analog does always sounds better (Miles Davis, Melody Gardot could not be better examples); less thin, fuller and with more engaging sound. Digital, on the other hand is the most accurate, and of course, conviniet.

OP, nothing really goes becomes 'vintage', or at least can be claimed to be such.

"We're just very selective pack-rats...." *L*

@rvpiano  Congratulations on your rig. I love my Feickert Volare as well. Enjoy the music. 

Streaming is great, I use it most of the time, but keep the wall of records and CD's.  It makes terrific ambience for your listening room.  I have some occasional gatherings and it seems a lot of my friends [mostly 60-ish] will pick out a record they want to hear on the Thorens, and I am happy to indulge them.

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