I’ve finally achieved parity between my digital and analog sides.
With the acquisition of a new turntable ((Feickert Volare,) I’m at last enjoying both formats equally.

An observation between the two: They are definitely different in character and each has its own sonic signature. Analog is more spacious and for lack of a better word, mellow. Digital is more finely etched. Each has a very well defined sound stage.
Both are a pleasure to listen to now.


@rvpiano I am an audiophile first, but also an Aurender dealer, so take the below as both  objective and subjective suggestion.

I used to own the Cambridge CXN V2 as my primary streamer in a second system. I had immediately upgraded it to the Modwright-modded one, where Dan Wright overhauls the unit entirely with a tube analog stage, massive transformer, and linear power supply. It was a great improvement that moved its DAC performance very close to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC (which I also had at the time), but with more bloom. I ended up selling the CXN V2 when I consolidated that system to make space to become a dealer earlier this year.

Recently, I had a customer bring his CXN (also Modwright-modded) to demo both  its streamer capabilities against an Aurender N200 and its DAC against the T+A DAC 200. While the T+A DAC 200 was clearly a better performer than the Modwright-modded CXN V2, the surprisingly bigger gain resulted from using the Aurender N200 as a streamer to the Modwright CXN V2's digital input and DAC. The difference was so great and immediately noticeable that the customer said within a minute "I'm buying the N200". I never noticed how etched the CXN's streamer was. The N200 was more detailed, more cohesive and musical, fuller-bodied. Something for you to consider as you continue to elevate your digital source.


I am blissfully (pun intended) happy with my digital setup.  
I really don’t need it to sound any better than it does.  
Quite frankly the synergy of my system is so good, I would not want it to change.

@rvpiano That’s a great place to be, congrats! Stay happy with it for as long as you can. :)


I got to the same spot too. However can't say I experience such difference between the analog rig and the digital ones. Definitely got the same amount of spaciousness in digital as analog if not more. I would agree that analog does sound a little more laid back but that has a lot to do with the different recording techniques. 

Time to enjoy the music.

Been doing that so much lately, I hardly find the time or desire to talk about it. 

BTW, I did get the Audio Envy P3 power cord and soborthane isolation pads for my Jay's cdt2-mk3 and it has definitely improved clarity and space big time and brought it at least to the level of streaming and vinyl. That's obviously what the Jay's needed.

Wonderful, listening to Infected Mushroom, Converting Vegetarians disc 2 right now. Just WOW!

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