I’ve finally achieved parity between my digital and analog sides.
With the acquisition of a new turntable ((Feickert Volare,) I’m at last enjoying both formats equally.

An observation between the two: They are definitely different in character and each has its own sonic signature. Analog is more spacious and for lack of a better word, mellow. Digital is more finely etched. Each has a very well defined sound stage.
Both are a pleasure to listen to now.


@rvpiano I am an audiophile first, but also an Aurender dealer, so take the below as both  objective and subjective suggestion.

I used to own the Cambridge CXN V2 as my primary streamer in a second system. I had immediately upgraded it to the Modwright-modded one, where Dan Wright overhauls the unit entirely with a tube analog stage, massive transformer, and linear power supply. It was a great improvement that moved its DAC performance very close to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC (which I also had at the time), but with more bloom. I ended up selling the CXN V2 when I consolidated that system to make space to become a dealer earlier this year.

Recently, I had a customer bring his CXN (also Modwright-modded) to demo both  its streamer capabilities against an Aurender N200 and its DAC against the T+A DAC 200. While the T+A DAC 200 was clearly a better performer than the Modwright-modded CXN V2, the surprisingly bigger gain resulted from using the Aurender N200 as a streamer to the Modwright CXN V2's digital input and DAC. The difference was so great and immediately noticeable that the customer said within a minute "I'm buying the N200". I never noticed how etched the CXN's streamer was. The N200 was more detailed, more cohesive and musical, fuller-bodied. Something for you to consider as you continue to elevate your digital source.


I am blissfully (pun intended) happy with my digital setup.  
I really don’t need it to sound any better than it does.  
Quite frankly the synergy of my system is so good, I would not want it to change.

@rvpiano That’s a great place to be, congrats! Stay happy with it for as long as you can. :)

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