Paris Hi Fi shops

Know any? I'll be heading there soon and it would be
cool to check em out Thanks
When you arrive buy a magazine called Revue du Son. The back of the mag has a kind of classifieds section organized by location (Paris, Lyon, etc.). Many shops advertise in this section and include details as to components they carry, as well as their location and telephone number.

Beware of a place called Magma. They advertise heavily and carry lost of equipment but are @$$#0!e$.
Please tell me anywhere in Paris that isint...@$$#)!e$
If you buy anything, make sure that you fill in the 'export' form. This way you will get the VAT back (I think 18%).
Thanks for the tips!
If you want to be treated well in Paris, wear jeans and carry a backpack. The rational frenchman is supposed to be a little carzy when young, to get it out of his system and, consequently, the French are quite indulgent toward their youth. Correctly camouflaged, you can watch your hosts practice their favorite contact sport, being rude to affluent looking Americans. There used to be a good Vietnamese restaurant on the square directly across from the main gate of the Sorbonne; let us know if they still brew the tea with hashish.
Recommend you also buy "Diapason" -- a classical music mag. In the old times, Presence Audio Conseil -- 51, rue St Louis en l'Ile -- had good equipment (if dubious welcome). There are many others. 3615 Diapason on the local loop called *minitel* will give you addresses within Paris.
Hi-end used to be outrageously expensive when I used to live in Paris, one example being my (then) speakers: retailed at $+20k in France, $¬12k in Germany. They are German speakers. But, what about the European Union (no cross-border taxes, etc)?
Kitch, I don't remember seeing the Vietnamese across from the place de la Sorbonne, about 3 months ago -- so, maybe no longer there. Hopefully, however, I missed it.
Paris can be a great place. Have a nice time!