Parasound ZM-2350 - anybody tried this in their two channel system?

Comes from an OEM with great reputation, up to 600 of ICE watts down to 2 ohms, few professional reviews but some good feedback, features out the wazoo including ability to be fed from a current amp (reminds me of those Musical Fidelity turbo amps), to a budget minded audiophile this looks like a great choice, but has anyone actually listened to this one?  Check out audio beatnik’s review of Devore Super Nines, which is where I came across this piece of equipment.
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I applaud your ingenuity, and could see myself trying to save money this way but I suspect this is not the right thing for you.  It is meant for professional installers, and may not work they way you expect, or leave you with only partially satisfied.

What do you have, and what is your budget???

What piqued my interest is the good reviews and the fact it could be a good driver for my Thiel CS-2.3s, a tough load.  It also provides some flexibility with sub management which could be fun to experiment with.  Another fun feature is the speaker level input, which I assume means I could hook it up in series with my tube amp (BAT VK-55) to get both the power required by the Thiels and the tube sound I enjoy.  So, on one hand, a low cost bandaid, but on the other a potentially nice sounding ICE amp that could fit in nicely with the long term plans I have for my system (hope to move up to Devores in about a year) Current plans and budget do not include an amp (source, room, isolation are the current focus areas) but this one is so low cost I could squeeze it in.

I can see why this piece would be a great go-to for professional installers, but the few reviews out there and the specs make me believe it’s a viable option for a simple two channel system.  What could go wrong?