Parasound Z-Phono vs. others

Has anyone heard the Parasound Z-Phono yet? If so, how does it compare to the other budget phono preamps like the NAD PP-2? I want to have both MM and MC capability and stay at $250 or less, new or used. Cartridge will be either Shure V15vxmr or Denon 103R - haven't decided yet between them. The rest of my system is in a total state of flux, but want to have something to use with tube line stages I might consider. Are there others besides the above I should consider?

Hi David
I got a parasound Phono Z a few weeks back primarily to use on my pc to convert vinyl to cd after i had done what i wanted i decided to run it into my
Musical Fidelity A3cr pre amp , according to all the reviews i had read they raved that M/Fidelitys A3crs built in phono stage was VERY high quality , well i can tell you i now use the parasound through a spare aux input I use a Rega P2 and not using the built in phono at all , i had a Nad pp1 a few years back , not a bad little unit but not up to the standard of the Parasound , it also has a Ac polarity switch on the back which helps if reduce back ground hum , IMO you wont find a better phono stage for the price .